Our Product.


Pipework Vibration Meter (PVM)

Operations and maintenance personnel can quickly become familiar with the PVM to perform plant surveys and identify areas at risk from vibration induced failure. Asset owners can reduce the risk of failure and unplanned downtime, while threats to safety are minimised by identifying locations which exceed established criteria, before they become a problem.

• Non-expert personnel are able to perform initial screening assessment of pipework vibration.

• Instant assessment of vibration without having to wait for experts to mobilise, resulting in increased integrity assurance.

• Rapid access to Doosan Babcock’s wealth of knowledge & experience only when required.

















Monitoring Systems

• Boosted over-fire at coal-fired power station experienced vibration problems.
• Monitoring system installed and connected to plant control system.
• Doosan Babcock’s system was used to identify troublesome operating conditions.
• Further analysis was conducted to devise a long term solution.